A fiercer light

Author: Peter Skrzynecki (editor), Publisher: Boraga Academic

A fiercer light honours the life and work of one of Australia’s greatest poets, Judith Wright, who was also an Aboriginal land rights activist and environmentalist. This tribute collection of essays provides a new understanding of her life’s work without becoming an academic treatise.

Contributors include Patricia Clarke, Oodgeroo, Lorne Johnson, Fiona Capp, Alan Gould, Margaret Bradstock, Kathryn Burns, Louise Wakeling and Peter Skrzynecki. Judith Wright’s essay, “Moongalba” is reprinted.

Spanning a writing career of 50 years Judith Wright remains one of this country’s foremost creative writers and social activists of the 20th century.


  • Introduction by Peter Skrzynecki
  • Tribute to JW by Oodgeroo
  • Moongalba by Judith Wright
  • Feel the Circuit Blaze: Judith Wright’s Birds by Lorne Johnson
  • ‘With love and fury. Judith’ by Patricia Clarke
  • Ulysses in New England: A Tribute to Judith Wright by Peter Skrzynecki
  • Judith Wright by Alan Gould
  • A Place That Belongs to All of Us: Rediscovering Judith Wright’s poetry From The Ground Up by Fiona Capp
  • The Double Tree: Navigating the challenges of a hybrid identity in Australia’s poetic landscape by Kathryn Byrns
  • Judith Wright and the night-intelligence by Louise Wakeling
  • Activism and activist poetry by Margaret Bradstock
  • Contributors
  • Further reading
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Edition 1st
Date of Publication 2017
ISBN 9781760322038
Subject English