ScienceWorld 7 AC Edition: Print & Digital (Available to Order)

Author: Stannard et al, Publisher: Macmillan

Developing deep understandings

The new edition of this leading series includes full coverage of required knowledge, science as a human endeavour, skills and the general capabilities set out in the new curriculum. Yet the outstanding features that have made ScienceWorld a pre-eminent series in schools are all retained.

ScienceWorld 7 caters for a variety of student needs and learning styles, and has a proven formula to engage students in active learning of science. The accessible content, investigations and experiments encourage students to make connections between science in the classroom and real-world contexts.

ScienceWorld benefits include:

  • unit-based approach, with content supported by extensive activities
  • reading level suitable for the average student
  • clear explanation

Included in each student book is an access code to Macmillan's digital home, (valid for 15 months from activation). sets a new standard in online support for teachers and students including:

  • an interactive digital version of ScienceWorld 7 
  • drag-and-drop activities, videos, animations, interactive crosswords
  • online tests to support revision of topics
  • other great resources.


  • 1 Working in a laboratory
  • 2 Science skills - Doing a project
  • 3 Forces
  • 4 The living world
  • 5 Earth in space
  • 6 Separating mixtures
  • 7 Living places
  • 8 Using magnets
  • 9 Consumer science
  • 10 How things work
  • 11 Earth’s resources
More Information
Year Level Year 7
Date of Publication 2011
ISBN 9781420229837
Subject Science