Australian Signpost Maths NSW 9.3 Value Pack

Australian Signpost Maths NSW 9.3 Value Pack

by Alan McSeveny


Year: 9


The Australian Signpost Mathematics New South Wales series addresses the NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum.

This new series continues the Signpost tradition of expanding students’ ability in a broad range of mathematical skills while emphasising problem-solving and working mathematically.


  • a complete year’s work with full coverage of the new Australian Curriculum NSW syllabus
  • a flexible structure with carefully graded exercises, colour-coded to indicate level of difficulty
  • full technological integration, with reference to GeoGebra activities across the series and Pearson eBook 3.0 resources
  • integration of a broad range of mathematical skills, expanding students’ ability to problem solve, work mathematically and investigate
  • diagnostic tests, chapter review and cumulative review components in every chapter.

This Value Pack includes the Student Textbook and Homework Program at a reduced price.