Oxford Big Ideas Science 10 Australian Curriculum Student Book (Available to Order)

Oxford Big Ideas Science 10 Australian Curriculum Student Book (Available to Order)

by Sally Cash et al


Year: 10


Research shows that students can have greater success in their studies when the information they learn is connected to key concepts. The Australian Curriculum: Science has identified nine key science concepts or big ideas that are developed through the curriculum content. It is expected that by the end of Year 10, all students will have an understanding of these big ideas. Each chapter in the Oxford Big Ideas Science series is engineered to build understanding of these big ideas. 

Oxford Big Ideas Science... 

  • organises learning around the big ideas of science and revisits these ideas with increasing complexity
  • sorts content into meaningful inquiry-based big questions and establishes learning priorities
  • focuses on developing scientific and inquiry skills
  • is a truly integrated approach to Science Understanding, Science Inquiry Skills and Science as a Human Endeavour
  • includes a brand new Discovering Ideas inquiry task at the start of every unit
  • uses the six Overarching Ideas from the Australian Curriculum: Science to connect content across the disciplines
  • seamlessly covers the big ideas, overarching ideas, general capabilities, cross-curricula priorities and three strands from the Australian Curriculum: Science
  • engages students with topical stimulus material, stunning imagery and step-by-step instructional skills photography


1 Objects in motion
BIG IDEA: Forces and motion
1.1 What are the characteristics of movement?
1.2 How do force and mass affect movement?
1.3 What happens in collisions? 

2 The Universe: Past, present and future
BIG IDEA: Systems in space
2.1 How did we find out about the Universe?
2.2 What is happening in the Universe?
2.3 How is the Universe changing? 

3 Global systems
BIG IDEA: Dynamic Earth
3.1 What are Eath's major interactions?
3.2 How does matter cycle on Earth?
3.3 How do humans impact the environment? 

4 Genetic inheritance
BIG IDEA: Diversity and evolution
4.1 What is DNA?
4.2 How is DNA inherited?
4.3 How do humans use their understanding of genetics? 

5 The origin of species
BIG IDEA: Diversity and evolution
5.1 How do we explain biodiversity?
5.2 How do species evolve?
5.3 How do we interpret evidence?

6 Organising elements
BIG IDEA: Properties and structure
6.1 Why do we organise elements?
6.2 How are the elements organised?
6.3 How are properties linked to atomic structure? 

7. Using chemistry
BIG IDEA: Interaction and change
7.1 How do we use the products of chemical reactions?
7.2 How can we control the speed of chemical reactions?
7.3 What are the risks of using chemicals?